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10 Tips To Stay On Track This Thanksgiving Weekend

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays but I will be honest, in the past I have gone into the day with anxiety about wrecking my nutrition. It wasn’t until last year that I finally broke the viscous cycle of “holiday weight gain”.   I know many people have this same fear, so I wanted to share some of my tips on how to have a great Thanksgiving without all of the guilt!

  1. Have a healthy and filling breakfast/lunch

Start your day off right by making a healthy breakfast. Make sure to get protein with your meal! Try some oatmeal topped with fresh fruit or whole grain toast (Dave’s Killer Seed Bread is my fav!)

If your family eats later… make sure you have a healthy lunch full of veggies, avoid going into dinner on an empty stomach

  1. Get your sweat on!

These days, every community has a 5K to run early in the AM that even mom can participate in before she starts too cook. If you’re not a runner, check out your local CrossFit gyms (North Naples has a 9am WOD!) or yoga studio

  1. Bring a healthy side dish

If you are a guest bringing your own healthy side dish will ensure that you have something nutritious to choose from. Check out these Thanksgiving side dishes from Nom Nom Paleo:

  1. Skip on the stuff you see every day

Skip on the “regular” stuff like mashed potatoes & apple pie. These are things you can access or have outside of the holiday season but can deter you from your goals!

  1. Do a run through

Instead of just mindlessly scooping everything onto your plate, walk through and choose the foods you will have. Just like going into a restaurant knowing what you are going to order, having a plan can help you stay within your limits

6. Eat mindfully

When it comes time to sitting down for dinner, eat mindfully. Enjoy your food and have a conversation with the people around you. Be grateful in the moment.

7. Put your fork down between bites

Doing this will help you chew slower, it will also help activate digestive enzymes in your mouth which can help put less stress on your stomach.

8. Eat to 80% fullness

We’ve all experienced that post-dinner bloat. Try to eat until you are satisfied versus full. This is generally when your stomach is not feeling “hungry” but before it screams at you to STOP!

9. Focus on what it’s REALLY about

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy your loved ones. Although it is a holiday traditionally surrounded around food remember that it is also a time to connect.

10. Remember your goals

If you are reading this than chances are you are working towards some goal. Don’t let one day set back your entire weekend. Before going to dinner take 3 minutes of quiet to remind yourself what your goals are so you can go into the day with confidence.

Happy Thanksgiving from North Naples CrossFit!