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3 Reason Why Women Should Do CrossFit

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By: Coach Nicole

You may think, “ok but not me!” This is a common stigma, but 100% untrue.

Let’s start by taking a look at what type of women should do CrossFit :

  • Young girls – 18
  • Ladies in their 20’s & 30’s,
  • Women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s +
  • Those who have been living active lives and have played a sport
  • Those who have never been active in their life or never played a sport
  • Your girlfriend, sister, aunt, mother, neighbor, coworker and yes, even your sweet grandma!

I hope you’re seeing the point I’m trying to make here… EVERYONE! This is a short hand, not fully encompassing list.

Here are my top 3 reason why Women should do CrossFit:

  1. Empowerment

There is no greater feeling than feeling empowered and empowerment comes in many forms. For some it is the feeling of lifting a barbell. For others it’s the satisfaction of completing a challenging workout. If you speak to the women who attend NNCF, I can 100% guarantee that each one has a different way they feel empowered.

  1. Creating a healthier body image.

I would be lying if I told you that my initial reason to starting CrossFit wasn’t to lose weight and get in better shape, it was. But somewhere along the way my goals began to shift. Just as I have seen the ladies at NNCF gain confidence once they begin to see what they are really capable of; when you set goals & you smash them you begin to see your body in a different way.  Slowly your mindset starts to shift from being skinny or a number on the scale to becoming a fitter, better version of yourself. Your body becomes something to be proud of; your muscles, booty, legs & arms become machinery that lift, throw, jump and pull.

  1. Equality

This is something that women struggle with in many avenues. Whatever your opinion is on the matter, I can tell you that once you walk into NNCF there is no longer man & woman, but athlete.  Every member is an athlete. There is no other sport on the planet that looks at men and women as equal in the way that CrossFit does. We are all badass CrossFit athletes!

There are many physical reasons why strength & conditioning are vital for women in all stages of their lives, but these psychological reasons are just as important! If you think you are “not fit enough to start CrossFit” I invite you to come watch a class at NNCF, anytime. Talk with some of our ladies and watch the way we do things. The next NNCF athlete could be you!