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4 Common Traits in Every Successful Nutrition Plan

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4 Common Traits in Every Successful Nutrition Plan

If you think about all the diets out there it could drive you mad. But, believe it or not the healthiest of the bunch (I mean the very fit of the vegans, the paleo-fanitics, the Keto-lovers, the body-builders)…  all share commonalities. I’m not talking about the style of their eating choices but the habits that surround them and their lifestyle. I will call them “nutrition fanatics” only because their everyday choices take a TON of dedication that the majority cannot maintain for a lifetime.

If you can master these 4 common traits shared by the “nutrition fanatics”… you WILL be successful with nutrition.

  1. Awareness of the foods they eat

They know exactly what they eat (or don’t eat). Those who are the most successful at their form of nutrition are fully aware of everything they take in. It would be nearly impossible for the best of the above dieters, to be successful without being aware of the food they are eating. The vegan knows the ingredients down to the T. The body builder knows the macros in their every meal.. This takes planning and practice, but the best of best make it happen.

2. Eating less processed foods

Again, recall that I am talking about the fittest of the above diets. Yes you can maintain a Vegan lifestyle with twinkies and oreos, just as you can live a Keto lifestyle with high-fat processed meats. But the reality is, the fittest of these dieters are shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and avoiding processed foods.

3. Focusing on nutrient deficiencies

This means focusing on what they are lacking in their current diets, the healthiest of the listed nutrition fanatics are ensuring they are receiving the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. Nutrient deficiencies could be the source of stress, digestive issues, and autoimmune flair-ups. Focusing on things like fiber intake, proper amounts of fatty acids, essential “letter” vitamins and minerals such as iron and magnesium, could help improve quality of life.

4. Exercise

Exercise is essential. No matter your age, ability or lifestyle getting some form of exercise 4-5 times a week will not only accelerate your results if you are looking to improve your health, it will boost your mood, help you sleep better and lower stress. If you notice this is at the bottom of the list because I truly believe if you can master 1 – 3, exercise will come easier and hopefully more naturally. Not to say you shouldn’t be exercising while improving on the above, but “you can’t out train a shitty diet”; nutrition is the base of the pyramid when it comes to your health.

We can learn a lot from the “nutrition fanatics” they have mastered the self-control and dedication to live their lives by these guidelines. When people ask me “what about keto?” or “how about vegan?” the realistic question is, can you dedicate your life like these “nutrition fanatics”? That means never eating another carb or ever eating red meat again… and if the answer is no, then focus on 1 – 4. Master #1 then work your way down the list, this will cover the MAJORITY of what you need to improve your health through nutrition without following any fad.




Dr. John Berardi PhD. in nutrition