Yoga at NNCF

Yoga with Coach Mags

At NNCF we know keeping your body healthy and limber is essential and not only leads to increased performance but also improved quality of life! We are happy to merge the practice of Yoga two times a week into our weekly schedule with one of our very own coaches & yogi, Mags.

Thursday evening class is a gentle flow designed for all levels–all body types.  This will pair two different disciplines of asana yoga.  We will start out with a gentle flow for your joints and muscles by moving your body to each breath you take.  We will then transition from active movements to passive stretching and focus on the breath, releasing tension throughout the body to promote health of your joints and internal organs.  This deep relaxation will target rejuvenation in your physical body as well as your mind by focusing on finding contentment and awareness in this more meditative practice.

Sunday morning class is a contemporary vinyasa style flow that incorporates movement with breath. It will be a different flow each week that targets the core, upper and lower body. Be prepared to sweat a little, as you will be moving from one pose to the next. It ends with a little restorative yoga and a short meditation practice to close the weekend off right and get ready for Monday!

All classes have modifications so beginners are welcome.