Yoga at NNCF

Yoga with Haley Blorstad

At NNCF we know keeping your body healthy and limber is essential and not only leads to increased performance but also improved quality of life! We are happy to merge the practice of Yoga into our weekly schedule with one of our very own athletes and yogi, Haley.

Check out what Haley has to say about her practice and what she is bringing to the athletes at NNCF:

“I started yoga in 2009 as active recovery for high school athletics. Initially practicing yoga seemed like a pop culture trend that I had trouble enjoying because I felt “too muscular” and the postures were uncomfortable. However, after several years of practicing regularly I started seeing vast improvements in my athletic performance, mobility, flexibility, strength and recovery. This revelation led to my desire to incorporate yoga into CrossFit.

Classes will be grounded in Hatha yoga where we will tap into the deeper tissues of our muscles by holding postures for 5 to 10 breaths, allowing the muscles to stretch and relax thus increasing blood flow to the worked areas of the body. This increase in blood flow also brings an increase in oxygen, which assists the muscles in healing and growing stronger. The breathing techniques will bring more oxygen in your body and better control from pose to pose, which can be applied to Olympic weightlifting.

Classes will also work to increase range of motion allowing you to reach higher and squat lower. We’ll test balance and coordination in standing and inverting sequences which will increase gymnastic and cardio endurance. “