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Bulletproof Your Ring Dip: Week 1

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This program is designed to bulletproof your ring dip or make your current ring dip stronger. If you are working towards your first ring dip, follow the 4 week progression to completion. If you do not have a ring dip by the end of week 4, you will start from the beginning.

In week one of Bulletproof your Ring Dip we have two very simple drills that will allow you to improve the flexibility and strength necessary to perform full ROM on the ring dip with ease, as well as improve the overall pressing strength of the muscle groups necessary to easily press out of the bottom of the ring dip. Perform both drills shown for the prescribed sets and reps 1-2x per week.

 Bottom of Ring Dip Hold

Find the very bottom of the ring dip position on a pair of low rings, with biceps in contact with top of rings. Feet should be in front of the body as if in a “hollow” body position. Hold this position for 10-15sec x 5sets with 45sec rest between sets.

Bottom of Ring Dip Hold w/Band

This is an assisted version of drill #1. If you cannot yet hold your own body weight at the bottom of the dip position, simply attach a band to the low rings, and perform the hold for 10-15sec x 5sets with 45sec rest between sets.

Parallette Pushups

With Parallettes set shoulder width apart find a neutral grip on the parallettes. In a hollow body position, drop your shoulders down to the parallettes, in front of your palms, with elbows tucked in tight to the side of the body. These can also be performance from the knees if from the toes is too challenging. Men accumulate 60reps in as little sets as possible; Women accumulate 45 reps in as little sets as possible. Rest as needed between sets.

See you next Friday  for Week 2 of Bulletproof Ring Dip!