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Bulletproof Your Ring Dip: Week 2

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Bulletproof Your Ring Dip Week 2:

Building upon last week’s drills we can start to add some more dynamic movement utilizing tempo assisted ring dipping to find full ROM and continue to develop our horizontal pressing strength, by removing the stability of the parallettes and moving to ring pushups in order to develop the stabilizing muscles necessary to press on the rings. Perform both drills shown for the prescribed sets and reps 1-2x per week.

Tempo Ring Thing

Start at extension, lower yourself to the bottom of the dip at a 4sec count, hold at the bottom for 3sec, and then press to lockout where you will pause for 3sec at extension. Complete 6-8 reps @ 3 sec pause at top, 4 sec down, 3 sec pause at bottom x 4 sets, rest as needed between sets.

Ring Pushup

Lower the rings just off the floor. With rings directly below the shoulders, drive the elbows back and tight to the torso as you lower shoulders to the top of the rings before pressing to the lockout position with elbows extended. Perform these from the knees if needed. Men Accumulate 60 reps and Women accumulate 45 reps in as little sets as possible.