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Commitment in your Relationships

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Commitment week 4: Relationships

It is the final week of commitment month at NNCF, we have all pushed our limits to finding the best version of ourselves in our workouts, in the nutrition challenge, or in our lifestyle choices outside of the gym. In our final week I want to challenge each of us to narrow our focus in on those around us. It is often much easier to make a commitment when we know the end result is going to directly benefit our own well being. Even though we may not like to admit it we are all slightly selfish in nature, and making commitments that directly benefit ourselves long term are much easier to follow through with, because we understand that the end result will feel good for us if accomplished.

In week 4 we will no longer focus on committing to ourselves, and we will strive to establish commitment in each and every relationship we are a part of. This means following through with promises to your kids, friends, family, wife, husband, brother, sister, etc. This means taking time out of your normal routine to do something that will better someone else. Better yet it may even be sacrificing something you want to do to simply spend some quality time with your mom and dad or with your kids. Take sometime in the next couple days to reflect where in your life you maybe dedicating to much time and effort to. See where you could potentially be investing this time into the people and relationships that mean the world to you.

Ask yourself questions such as: “Am I scrolling through instagram while I eat dinner with my family, versus being fully engaged in conversation and in my time with them.” We often get caught up in the craze of life’s daily routine and stressors, causing us to forget what is truly most important in our life. To finish off our month of commitment at NNCF let us truly dial our focus in on creating meaning and impact in the relationships of the people around us. Commitment within every relationship we develop in our lifetime is of utmost importance. It is the key to reaching true fulfillment, which is found in the joy created when positively impacting the lives of others.