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Commitment: Week 2 Challenge

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Commitment week 2 Challenge: Nutrition/Lifestyle Habit

It is week two of our month of commitment at NNCF, and as a community we have been striving to make daily commitments within the gym in our workouts to get 1% better each and every day. Now its time to take it a step further and find some where outside of the gym where we can dial ourselves in by making a commitment outside of the comfort zone of our current lifestyle choices.

For week 2 I challenge all of us to pick one Nutrition or Lifestyle related commitment that we can create change with. This maybe committing to eating vegetables with every meal, staying dessert free for a full week, eliminating any alcoholic beverages, etc. Choose something hard, think of something nutritionally or within your life outside the gym that you feel attached to. Choose something you feel like you can’t make it a week with out and commit to giving it up or adding it in for 7 days. If you make it through your 7 day commitment try another week, and continue that trend until you find yourself developing the discipline to instill it as a long term lifestyle habit.

Combining commitment to good lifestyle choices outside of the gym with consistent daily hard work inside the gym will help you reach every health and fitness goal you desire to accomplish. These same habits also allow us to develop the characteristics of the type of person we desire to become. Commit right now, work diligently every day to turn those commitments into disciplinary habit, and reach your true potential!