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Core Value of the Month: Commitment

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With the nutrition challenge kicking off this week, we felt like Commitment was a great choice for our first Core Value of the Month. If you are struggling to find your routine in life, we encourage you to read on!

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.” – Thomas Edison

In the world of fitness we often go through highs and lows of motivation when it comes to exercise, nutrition, recovery, etc. One month we are ready to do whatever it takes to make it to the CrossFit Games, get six pack abs, or give up brownies and Budweiser. The next month we are having a few beers a week, brownies on the weekends because its cheat day, and only making it to the gym when our energy feels good. These types of ups and downs are something every human being goes through, and feels throughout the year. Those of us that can create the discipline necessary to stay on the path of a desired process obtain the ability to overcome any lack of motivation or emotional clouding that steps in the way of our dream. An essential Core Value that can help us in establishing discipline within our lives is Commitment.

Developing the characteristic of commitment is a key component to pursuing excellence in all aspects of our lives. If we want a physical transformation, a certain fitness goal/dream, better relationships, or more overall fulfillment within our life we must pour our hearts into maximizing everything we have in the categories that matter to our long-term goals. Ask yourself everyday when you wake up “Am I committing everything I have to make myself the tiniest percentage better than I am right now, no matter how hard I have to work, no matter what I have to give up, no matter how long it takes?”

Most people will let bouts of motivation determine whether or not they reach the goals and dreams they desire, but this month at NNCF we will strive to instill discipline within our lives by committing to the process necessary to achieve what we so deeply desire. Whether this be by committing to perfection during the nutrition challenge, or training 5-6 times per week for a month, or establishing better sleeping habits, or following through with promises with your family/friends. No matter what you choose to change, as a community lets utilize the next month of August to keep each other accountable to committing to the process that will lead us to the fulfillment of our goals. We will strive to overcome the human tendency to sit in the realm of complacency by committing to the necessary work required to be great. We will overcome the human tendency to cling to “good enough” and strive to discipline ourselves to commit to the habits that will make us “great.”

At first thought Commitment to habits and values that will help us reach our goals seems easy, and the motivation to pursue these habits may be high. Know it will not be easy, know there will be bumps along the road, and only with discipline and true commitment can you overcome any adversity that steps in your way. It must be a constant dedication to habits and values that put you in a direct line to your goal and life fulfillment, no matter how isolating the habits we choose may be. Understand that in the long-term the benefit of this commitment will be unmatched.

As a community we will strive to be focused on each and every minute of everyday as a space to be perfected. We will devote ourselves to what others may see as meaningless detail. We will strive to be so dialed in that our focus will not be driven by the end result of this commitment, but on the dedication itself and the people we are striving to become.

“Commitment is what transforms the promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions, and the actions, which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time, year after year. Commitment is what character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.” -Anonymous