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Create Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

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It’s common knowledge that eating healthy means saying goodbye to pizza, donuts & beer. Aren’t diets just the worst?!

While we DO think minimizing the intake of the listed items, we believe building better habits is more important than focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating.

What does that mean?

THINK POSITIVE: Focus on ADDING more nutritious choices to you daily meals instead of ONLY thinking about removing the stuff you crave.

Focusing on addition will naturally leave room for less junk.

Here are some awesome foods to ADD into your day:


All colors, shapes and varieties!

Shoot for fresh veggies that are in season. Beets & bell peppers  are in their prime during the summer, plus the are  colorful and rich in vitamins. Additional seasonal veggies include: green beans, celery, eggplant & squash.

Fresh Fruits

(specifically, berries & citrus)

Blackberries, raspberries & blueberries are ripe and in season, plus they are a great fiber source. Other fruits in season: strawberries, nectarines, tangerines, tomatoes, avocado.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber can be found in fruits & veggies, as well as whole grains & legumes. Fiber not only helps to keep you “regular”, but it is important in controlling blood glucose levels.

Healthy Fats

Use oils like coconut, olive oil & avocado to cook with or make dressings and marinades. Other sources: avocado fruit, nuts & seeds.

You can add fresh fruits & veggies plus fiber rich sources into your meals, just start small by including one serving of the above foods to 1 meal, then work your way into adding into each meal.  Make your plate as colorful as possible!

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