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December Athlete of the Month

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Congratulations to Erica Lolli, the December Athlete of the Month!

Erica started NNCF as a dare from her brother (and member) Dan Lolli, since her first workout she has been hooked! Erica consistently participates in specialty camps like weightlifting and gymnastics and is always learning. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for Erica at NNCF. Read more about here journey below!

When did you first start training at NNCF and how many days a week do you train? I started in March 2017 and typically come 3-5 days/week.

Tell us about your sports/fitness background: I never got too into “team” sports when I was younger, but I did run for fitness, then got more serious about it for a while and did some half and full marathons.  The marathon training got me into yoga, which I also practiced regularly for a number of years.  I never picked up a barbell in my life until my on-ramp with Nicole.

What was your first CrossFit workout and how did it go? My brother basically dared me to come to “Bring a Friend” day. The workout didn’t seem to involve anything too crazy, walking lunges, ab-mat situps, kettlebell swings and wall balls, so I went.  When literally every muscle in my body was screaming for days after that, I knew I had encountered something that would make me better if I kept at it.

Favorite Workout: Almost anything with deadlifts or dumbbell snatches.

Least Favorite Workout: Wall balls still intimidate me…give me burpees any day over those

Why do you love North Naples CrossFit? I can honestly say that I have never encountered the sense of community at a gym as I have at NNCF.  The coaches are all amazing; they are supportive and encouraging and inspire me to do my best, whether that is by correcting my form or encouraging me to put more weight on the bar or get in another couple reps.  Their passion is contagious.

Favorite NNCF moment? It may have been the first (well, kind of every) time I climbed to the top of the rope.  I was 100% sure that I could not do it, and some coaching on my technique and some cheering on showed me that I was 100% wrong.  Every day, NNCF gives me the opportunity to learn something new, improve a skill, or progress toward a new goal, and that keeps me coming back for more.