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Hook Grip or Nah?

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“If you’re not using a hook grip you probably don’t want to be strong.” – annonymous

All of our coaches at NNCF have probably told you this once or twice. Every time weightlifting comes up in a workout our loving coach constantly reminds us that we must be hook gripping our bar. Internally we are confused as to the pain we feel in our thumb, or where exactly to place our thumb, or why a hook grip even matters at all. There is so many things going through our head over such a simple performance enhancing tip, that by the time we here 3-2-1 go we don’t even remember what a hook grip is or how our coach told us to lock it in. If you want to improve on your Olympic lifts in both absolute strength and while cycling in metcons.

If you still don’t believe us, take the time to read the article below……it will BLOW YOUR MIND!