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July Athlete of the Month

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Congrats to our July Athlete of the month, Willy Godoy!

Willy has recently made some big changes to his nutrition and has seen some big GAINZZZ in both lifting and gymnastics. We are super proud of this guy!

Check out Willy’s Journey through NNCF:

When did you first start training at NNCF and how many days a week do you train?
I started at NNCF about three years ago and train three days a week
Tell us about your sports/fitness background:
I never did any school sports, I was in karate for 5 or 6 tears and have been riding quads most of my life.
What was your first CrossFit workout and how did it go?
It was a 21-15-9 workout, I don’t remember the movements but I know it kicked my butt cuz every workout does lol!
Favorit Workout
My favorite workout is power cleans and anything on the pull up rig
Least favorite workout
least favorite is burpees and snatch
Why do you love North Naples CrossFit?
I love NNCF because the members are great and the coaches couldn’t get any better!
Favorite NNCF Movement?
Anytime I’m against the ropes in a workout and I have the whole class pushing me through it!