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June Athlete of the Month

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Congrats to our June athlete of the month, Allison Silverstein

My first CrossFit work was scaled Fran with ring rows and Rx weight, I knew I was hooked afterward:

When did you first start training at NNCF and how many days a week do you train?

I started training at NNCF 3 years ago and I train 5-6 days a week depending on how my body is feeling.

Tell us about your sports/fitness background:

Back in the day I did club team swimming, I was a sprinter rather than a long-distance swimmer. (Makes sense if you have ever seen me workout).

What was your first CrossFit workout and how did it go?

My first CrossFit workout was Fran. I scaled the pull-ups to ring rows and did the RX weight. I remember finishing before everyone else and thinking that I somehow did the workout wrong. I was hooked ever since.

Favorite Workout:

Anything with hang cleans or ring muscle ups.

Least Favorite Workout:

Anything with wall balls or rowing.

Why do you love North Naples CrossFit?

I love NNCF for many different reasons (I could probably write a book on it so I will try and keep it short.)

NNCF has helped change my mentality, the coaches and members have pushed me to believe in myself, help me realize I am capable and strong (mentally and physically.)

I always leave the gym with a big SMILE on my face because of the NNCF community and atmosphere. Because of NNCF, I have met some amazing friends who have become a major part of my life. These friends have inspired and supported me. The community, coaches and atmosphere are what keeps me coming back to NNCF.

Favorite NNCF moment?

Winning the NNFF (I wrote this before the fitness festival so this is going to be really awkward if Jake and I don’t win).