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March Athlete of the Month

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Congratulations to our March Athlete of the Month, Carlton Lloyd!

The workouts never get easier, but Carl has found a way to continue to push himself towards greatness. Read below to see why we are so impressed with Carl’s mental strength:

When did you first start training at NNCF and how many days a week do you train?
I joined NNCF in May 2018.  I’m usually in the box 4 times per week, and I try to run or cycle 2 days.

Tell us about your sports/fitness background:
Waaayyyy back when in high school I ran track, cross county, X-C skiing, and soccer. For the past 20 years (till I found NNCF)  my attempts at fitness had been limited to occasional running, but with no serious program or commitment.

What was your first CrossFit workout and how did it go?
My first experience with Crossfit was my On-Ramp with Nicole. And if I am completely honest, it was a miserable experience physically. It showed me far I had to go just to be competent. But at the same time, it had me hooked.

Favorite Workout:
Anything with rowing.

Least Favorite Workout:
Anything with Air Assault.

Why do you love North Naples CrossFit?
Through NNCF I have re-discovered the joy of being an athlete.  The teamwork among the members and coaches is precisely what had been missing from my previous (failed) attempts at fitness.

Favorite NNCF moment?
When the pain stops….Just kidding, I’m still waiting for that to happen.   In all seriousness though; in every workout, usually about three-quarters of the way through; there is a moment when all the stresses of the day finally fade away.  It doesn’t matter if I am killing it or failing spectacularly.  There comes that moment where all that matters is the next rep or the next lift.   At that point, I know that I am becoming a better version of myself physically and mentally.  That’s what makes NNCF so special.