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September Core Value: Patience

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“Only those who have the patience to do things perfectly will acquire the skills to do difficult things easily.” –Friedrich Schiller

Life presents us with so many different feelings, desires, goals, and dreams that change week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year. So often do we wake up and question what it truly is we want to accomplish within our lifetime. What sort of fulfillment do we seek that will create the ultimate happiness at the end of our life? We constantly go through highs and lows of motivational periods where we are chasing a goal that we truly believe will create long term happiness within our life. Within a month or even a week this goal or dream may quickly seem unattainable, even impossible, those closest to us may even question why we are pursuing this goal and we find ourselves quickly doubting if that’s whom we are, what will make us happy, and if we should choose something else.

The greatest fault in this is that as we constantly jump from one goal to the next, we never truly give ourselves the chance to reach the success we dream of or learn from the failures along the way. We may have let something that could bring so many fulfillments within our life slip right through our fingertips, because we weren’t willing to work through the early failures, obstacles and trials that try to shut our dreams down early. We let anxiety, fear, other’s perceptions, and doubt creep into our being. This overcomes our ability to establish the virtue of patience, which is necessary to fight through the grueling process that will lead us to the fulfillment we so deeply wish to find.

In the month of September at NNCF we will now turn our focus towards the virtue of patience, and not just within ourselves and with others, but even more so to patience within the process that will lead us to a fulfilled life. In August we worked on various ways to establish commitment and discipline within our daily routines, habits, and lifestyle, but commitment is only one part of the process and with out patience in the process of life, commitment and discipline can only take us so far.

Patience in the process is about focusing on the steps to success, rather than worrying about the end result. We all are victims of quickly motivating ourselves with an end result or dream we desire to accomplish, but this spurt of motivation will not take us anywhere close to where we truly want to be. We must focus on creating the right thoughts, habits, and priorities with the understanding that if we are patient these habits will lead to success. For so many of us establishing patience in the process is extraordinarily difficult, because the process is just ultimate preparation for the task we wish to accomplish. There is nothing glamorous about completing the same necessary tasks day in and day out for years, but it is what is necessary to reach the peak end of our goals. Instant satisfaction and reward is the devil’s tool to create self-doubt in the hearts of us all. Patience and trust in the process, along with commitment to the journey no matter how long it may take, is the true path to fulfillment and the foundation of self-worth.

The dilemma of instant gratification is why developing the characteristic of patience is so significant in achieving our dreams. Day to day small improvements in the short term never seem to be making a difference, but in 3-4 years something changes, and 10 years down the path all these daily habits and practices have created such a gap between you and average that fulfillment is now right within your grasp. Establishing patience is all about defining daily habits. We are the sum of what we repeatedly do, down to the smallest detail, and if we are patient these habits will lead us to conquering our dreams.

As a community, lets use September to remind ourselves to be patient with ourselves, with others, and with the process we have committed to in order to achieve the success we desire. Use commitment to discipline yourself in these habits. Eliminate self doubt and build confidence by trusting in the process and understanding that through the virtue of patience we will find who we are and create the most fulfilling life we have ever wanted.

“Learn the art of patience. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal. Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure. Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success.” ~ Brian A