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Week 3: Bullet Proof Your Ring Dip

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Week 3:

In week 3 we look to establish stabilizing strength at the top of the dip with a ring support hold. We also move forward on our horizontal pressing progression to a box dip, in which we are strengthening our press out of the dip, but moving on a stable surface until we have developed full ROM in the dip. Perform both drills shown for the prescribed sets and reps 1-2x per week.

Bullet Proof Your Ring Dip: Week 3 from North Naples CrossFit on Vimeo.


Support Hold

Find a locked out elbow position at the top of the ring dip. Hold this position with palms facing slightly forward for 20seconds followed by 60sec of rest for 4-5sets. Keep elbows and arms pinned tight to the body and actively push into the rings, maintaining a hollow body position through out.

Box Dips

Utilizing the ease of a stable setting further improve your pressing strength performing parallel dips on a set of boxes. Set the boxes close enough to allow you to keep elbows tucked in tight to the body. Dip as low as flexibility allows and accumulate 25-35 Reps in as little sets as possible, resting as needed between sets.